Adjacent to: Slashing Sands Desert, Dashing Rapids

Fireopal was once a thriving boom town with tens of thousands of people coming in to mine the gold and other precious metals in the nearby mines. Now, handful of stubborn individuals eke out a life here. Fireopal doesn't have much anymore, and what it does have has seen better days. But travelers will find a warmer welcome than anywhere else they've been.

Boot Hill (Encounter) Edit

A simple cemetery on a hill, with wooden crosses and piled stones. There are no Pokemon here during the day, but at night, they come out.




1-4 Cubone
5 Marowak
6-9 Gastly
10 Haunter
11-13 Misdreavus
14-15 Houndour
16-17 Zubat
18-20 Murkrow

Rain Barrel (Arena) Edit

This arena has lasted nearly two centuries.

Erma's Spaghetti Parlor (Theater) Edit

This theater is a restaurant that serves mainly spaghetti to patrons. It also has a run-down stage for performers to put on Western plays.

Trukker's Pokeballs (Store) Edit


Cluster Ball Edit

Hint: Catch all of em.

This ball splits into a dozen smaller balls that all try to catch a Pokemon. For each Pokemon on the field, roll 1 die to attempt to catch it. Each that is caught is stored within its own miniball.

Friendship Ball Edit

Hint: Make you a friend.

This ball has 2 dice to catch any Pokemon, but on a catch it fills the Pokemon's FP.

Technical Ball Edit

Hint: Learn em some moves.

This has 2 dice to catch any Pokemon, but on a catch it learns up to 6 moves of the player's choice from its learnable moves list.

Workout Ball Edit

Hint: Get em strong.

This ball has 1 die to catch any Pokemon, but if it catches the Pokemon it increases its challenge rating by 1. This ball cannot catch maxed Pokemon.

Rafael's Rocks (Shop) Edit

Rafael is a rock enthusiast, who runs a shop where he sells his wares. Though it's out of the way, true rock lovers know where to find it and come flying in to peruse his wares. Thus, he goes through a lot of material. On any given day, roll a dozen or so d20's and compare the results to this table:

Roll Item Sale Price Description
1-2 Fire Stone $5,000 Supplies fire energy.
3-4 Water Stone $5,000 Supplies water energy.
5-6 Thunder Stone $5,000 Supplies electric energy.
7-8 Leaf Stone $5,000 Supplies grass energy.
9-10 Moon Stone $5,000 Supplies lunar energy.
11-12 Sun Stone $5,000 Supplies solar energy.
13-14 Ice Stone $5,000 Supplies ice energy.
15 King's Rock $5,000 Doubles that don't crit cause a stun.
16-17 Mega Stone $10,000 Allows for mega evolution.
18 Dome Fossil $20,000 A petrified Kabuto.
19 Helix Fossil $20,000 A petrified Omanyte.
20 Old Amber $25,000 A petrified Aerodactyl.

If a mega stone is rolled, use the random Pokemon generator. The mega stone is for the first randomly generated Pokemon that is its highest evolution.

Rafael also has a barrel full of everstones available for purchase, at $100 each. (While holding an everstone, the Pokemon cannot gain ticks or roll to evolve, but during that time it may learn moves from future forms.)