Should you for some reason need to take a Pokemon from another game and transfer it into this one, we offer a handy conversion setup to do so.

If the Pokemon from the traditional Game Boy games, compare its level to the chart.

Level Challenge Rating
1-20 Starter
21-40 Weak
41-60 Average
61-80 Strong
81-100 Maxed

If the Pokemon is from the trading card game, the chart below gives a rarity to challenge rating conversion. Common cards have a circle in the lower right hand corner while uncommons have a square/diamond shape. Rares have a star. Cards with holographic foil are strong challenge rating, regardless of rarity while EX cards are always maxed challenge rating. If the card lists a level for that Pokemon, you may choose to use that level instead.

Card Type Challenge Rating
Common Starter
Uncommon Weak
Rare Average
Holofoil Strong
EX Card Maxed

If the Pokemon is from Pokemon Go, take its CP and compare it to the chart below.

CP Challenge Rating
10-100 Starter
101-400 Weak
400-1,000 Average
1,001-2,500 Strong
2,501 & Up Maxed

This game doesn't offer a direct conversion of many of the Pokemon's stats from the varying other games that are out there, but as much as is possible you should transfer over moves as well as whether the Pokemon is shiny or not.